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Gina DePalma -Episode 2

The Escort Diaries continues to go deeper inside the mind of porn star and professional escort Gina DePalma. We are asking her some very candid questions about what she does for a living in part 2 of our 4-part interview. Many of the questions for this interview are based on what Manwall viewer's wanted to know such as the number of costumes she has to meet the needs of her diverse clientele. She also lets us know what she does with her Kong Dong when drinking a beer; very informative stuff!

Our new video series, The Escort Diaries, is a chance for regular dudes to see what is going on with women and other people in the escort industry. You can live vicariously through us here at Manwall as we try and find out anything you might want to know. What are you curious about? Let us know and we will try and get an answer!