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Want Better Sex?


Yup, the title of this article is like when a girl says, "I'm so drunk....." at a bar; it makes all the guys turn their heads and look. But unlike the girl who will probably only be giving a ride to one lucky (or unlucky) Bro that night, this article can be enjoyed by all!

So what is the secret? Are we talking about trying tantric sex or maybe twisting yourself up like a pretzel? Nah, this is actually much simpler and takes place out of the bedroom. We are talking about eating certain foods for a better sex life. How easy is that right? I mean heck, I eat food everyday already.

The Food-Sex Relationship

Having sex involves a few things. You have arousal, blood flow to the penis, endorphin production, and the ability to reach orgasm easily. Eating the right kinds of foods can affect all of those factors. Fair warning, these are all healthy foods and a byproduct of regular consumption will be you looking better (from losing some excess fat) and feeling better. Of course those two things are vital to getting laid as well so really this is a big f*&king win-win if you ask me.

The Top Sex Foods

Flaxseed - This stuff tastes so-so but you can mix it into a lot of things when you buy the ground stuff. It is full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are the building block of ALL sex hormones. One tablespoon helps increase testosterone. Yeah screw the apple a day, I'm taking this.

Steak - No worries here right? Men love steak and with good damn reason! It is full of zinc which helps block prolactin which can cause sexual dysfunction. Also every time you jerk off into a sock you just blew an entire day's worth of zinc. Rule of thumb - eat a steak after going a few rounds with Fisty Palmer!

Asparagus - This veggie already looks like a penis but try not to let that stop you from choking it down. The head is full of protodioscin which helps prevent ED and boosts arousal. The shaft is full of B vitamins which help us make our "O" face.

Tuna - Great for protein and bad breath! Tuna also has plenty of DHA and EPA which raises dopamine in the brain that triggers arousal; obviously not needed if a slight breeze gives you wood.

Sunflower Seeds - Tons of Vitamin E in these babies help fight the effects of aging.

Celery - Seriously you will never guess what this veggie does. It helps with fresh breath, can lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. The big kicker? It is full of pheromones that trigger you to send of signals making you more desirable to women and increasing your own arousal.

Watermelon - It has a bunch of stuff in it that the body converts to arginine which relaxes blood vessels. Basically that is the same thing Viagra does. The relaxed blood vessels allow more blood flow into your penis to help get and keep wood.

Spinach - I'll bet Olive Oyl was getting pounded nightly. Spinach and other dark leaf greens have tons of folate and fiber. The folate keeps blood vessels clear (hello erections), improves your mood, and helps with weight loss. Yeah, if I knew all that as a kid I would have ate all my f*&king spinach without complaining.

So you want to instantly boost up your libido? Then head off to the store son and make a few dietary adjustments that will have you banging like a porn-star in no time!