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Tips to Better Sex

Who doesn't want to have better sex? Can you name a single person you know (including yourself) who would say "No" to having even just the slightest more fun in the bedroom (or anywhere else convenient)? Of course not!

So what is the big secret? Read on my friends and I will happily share the wisdom!

Secrets of How to Have Better Sex

The first secret is there are no secrets. Yeah, that sounded some Zen bullshit but it is accurate. The truth of the matter is that every guy and girl is different. We each have different things that turn us on to varying degrees, have areas that are more sensitive than others, have things we think (or know) we don't like, and then have a bunch of stuff we have never tried.

So with that in mind, we are going to cover a lot of bases to ensure that in some way or another we will improve your sex life and make sure you have better sex!

Get in Sex Shape

Let's face it; if you are in better shape then you will be having better sex. Flexibility, endurance, and strength all play a part in the bedroom. There are some great exercise programs that are designed to work on your core muscles as well as hips, legs, shoulders, and chest (which are all really taxed when you are knocking boots). Yoga and Pilates can work absolute wonders on your ability to throw down in the bedroom. On top of that, if you feel good about yourself and how you look naked then it generally makes you more outgoing and confident when you are getting busy.

Planning for Sex

Hey you plan ahead for a workout so you might as well do the same for a nice long sex session! What this means is having plenty of fuel in the tank and also being well hydrated. If anything is sore then pop some aspirin or ibuprofen early in the night (or day). In addition I like to make sure my bedroom (or wherever we are going to be) is stocked and ready.

- Lotions and lubricants

- Condoms

- Sex Toys

- Handcuffs and blindfolds

- Whip Cream and Chocolate Syrup

Overkill? I don't think so. If she is down for something then you are damn sure I want to be ready for it!

Turn Her On

Better sex is always a two way street. Usually a guy can have an orgasm if the wind blows hard enough. But truly mind blowing orgasms occur when the person you are with is extra enthusiastic about making sure you get off (it helps if she knows what she is doing). It has never failed that if you spend enough time to get her motor running good and high then she will want to tear off your clothes and ride you like a hobby horse into the sunset.

So how do you do this? You learn to love foreplay because it is the straw that stirs the drink my friends. We have lots of articles here on the wall that covers things like how to use your fingers or go downtown on your lady. Study, learn, and practice. You want to learn how to drive her absolutely crazy with passion and desire because then 9 times out of 10 she will be looking to pay you back.

Mix it Up!

Never, ever be Captain Predictable. Yeah missionary in bed is cool and all but there are so many other ways you can get down with a woman. Start making out on the couch or in the kitchen and then toss her on the kitchen table for more foreplay. Read up on different positions and try them. Sex in the car? Hell yes! Vary what you do, how you do it and when you do it. Trying things that are different or working the various angles is fun and it helps you find out what positions really do it for you (I try and save those for finishing) as well as those that really do it for her.

Let Her Know How You Like It

I think people are worried about offending the person they are having sex with because they don't want to piss them off and not get any action. But if they are doing it wrong I tell them. Let's be honest guys, some girls absolutely suck at giving head and others think jerking your junk a few times is an acceptable hand job.

But (and this is a big but) make sure you give them criticism in the right way. "Hey baby, I like what you are doing, but what really turns me on is when you do it like this...."

This is a vital step also because it opens the door for her to let you know what she likes and how she likes it (which some women just don't do easily). That communication is invaluable. Truthfully the best answer to how to have better sex would be to easily communicate wants and needs, but some people aren't super comfortable doing it so you need to ease into that water.

Try New Stuff

Hey you never know what you might like until you try it right? The same goes for her. Why not agree with your partner to explore one of these ideas in your next sexual session:

- Role playing

- Dress-up

- Erotic Massage

- Sex Games

- Talk Dirty

- Blindfold or Tie Up (or both)

- Give her directions (or vice versa)

- Try a Cock Ring

- Use a Vibrator (on her...or you if that's how you like to get down)

When learning how to have better sex part of it is relaxing and being comfortable and the other aspect is spending time and energy to work at it. Really it is just like getting better at basketball or some other sport; you study different ways to attack the zone, practice drills, work on conditioning, and then suit up and give it everything you have come game time. But the nice thing about sex is that everyone can win.