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The Top 10 Hottest WAGs

Who doesn't love a good WAG? Not only are professional athletes getting fame and fortune, but some of those lucky sons of bitches have some really hot wives and girlfriends.

While we might be envious of these gentlemen, they are also allotted a bit of respect. How do we show that respect? With a gallery of sexy photos of said WAGs! Now with relationships being fluid this list does change a lot. Couples break up, marriages fail, but sexy photos last forever.

Here is our ranking of the Top 10 Hottest WAGs with a gallery to support our observations:

10. Kendra Wilkinson - Yeah she is a bit goofy and ditzy on her TV show, but Hank Baskett bagged himself a Playmate and that was a great catch.

9. Carmella DeCesare - Miss April 2003 for Playboy and a for WWE Diva married Jeff Garcia making him one lucky bastard.

8. Lisa Dergan - She models, is a sportscaster, and somehow Scott Podsedink bagged her.

7. Jessie James - Eric Decker is known for his good hands and he made a hell of a catch with his current girlfriend.

6. Catalina White - Singer, Maxim model, and wrestler was bagged by WWE wrestler Jake Hager (they married in 2010). You may know Jake better as Jack Swagger. I'd swagger too if I had this babe at home.

5. Brooklyn Decker - It is a testament to the hotness of this list that Andy Roddick's wife comes in at number 5.

4. Elisha Cuthbert - Sadly one of my favorite pieces of eye candy is dating some dude named Dion Phaneuf who plays soccer or something.

3. Abbey Clancy - Who? Just the wife of some UK soccer dude and regularly found in FHM under sexiest women in the world...for good reason.

2. Gisele Bundchen - Classy, outspoken, and sexy as hell earns Gisele the number 2 spot on the list even though she is number 1 to Tom Brady.

1. Adriana Lima - Marco Jaric is the luckiest SOB on this list with his ultra-hot model girlfriend. You probably remember her from all those Victoria Secret catalogs and other sexy photos you looked at when left to your own devices.