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How to Not be The Nice Guy

This is a guide on how Not to be the nice guy? Who wouldn’t want to be a nice guy? The answer is anyone who wants to get laid regularly.

Intrigued? Then read on to find out how being a nice guy is probably cock-blocking you. Keep in mind this goes for guys who just want to pick up more women and those who are looking for someone to get into a relationship with.

The Downside of being The Nice Guy

Isn’t it funny how many nice guys get upset because girls won’t go for them? Then they never seem to figure out why girls don’t find them appealing.

Nice guy? Who gives a shit…what do you actually bring to the table? Every guy can be a “nice guy” just like every guy can be a good listener. It’s amazing how a pretty face and a nice pair of tits can capture attention and make you shut your mouth and listen.

So what are you besides “The Nice Guy”? That is what makes you attractive to the opposite sex.

In life, you need to bring something else to the table that a woman is going to find attractive. You have to understand, she has goals and expectations for her life. Now while honestly a lot of those things are never going to happen, she still has those dreams. Is meeting a “nice guy” one of her dreams? Hell no! She wants some amazing guy that will sweep her off her feet and blow her mind.

Do girls always say they want a nice guy? Yes, but it almost never the first thing they list when they are looking for a man; which is why just being a nice guy is never going to be enough to get the girl you want. Think about it. A lot of women say things like handsome, intelligent, passionate, athletic, or outgoing. Do you see nice in that list? Nice really only seems to pop up after a girl has been with a few real assholes, but even then you won’t see it make the top five of her list.

It’s not just about the money

…but sometimes it is.

So does that mean you need to be rich to get girls? No, but it can. Obviously plenty of girls like guys who have money because they can buy them shit and take them places and to some girls that is important. Is that shallow? Yes it sure as hell is. Would they like that guy to also be nice? Sure, but that isn’t the first thing they will notice or find out about him.

So who the hell are you? What do you have to offer? What makes you stand out?

·       Funny – people like to laugh and be entertained

·       Handsome – looking good, well groomed, keeping yourself in shape

·       Intelligent – not just a know it all, but someone who can talk about lots of things

·       Talented – what can you do that others can’t

·       Creative – painting, writing, playing a musical instrument

·       Ambitious – making goals and accomplishing things in life

That is just a list of some qualities you can have. The next step is learning how to take what you have an exhibit in a way a woman will see and be impressed enough by to give you the fucking time of day. Being a nice guy is like the bare minimum of what you can bring to the table when you are trying to impress a girl. Keep in mind, a girl has dozens of “nice guys” being nice to her every single day. You need to be more than that.

Sack up and step up

Is this hard to read? Are you falling into the pattern of saying, “Well I’m not some douchebag…I would rather be a good guy and find a woman who appreciates that.” Well you know what? Enjoy being alone. This is a harsh truth but step up and deal with it.

Nice guys finish last, so be more than a nice guy. Rather than hating yourself because of what you don’t have; learn how to become what you need to be to get what you want. This lesson is important for succeeding in life and not just getting girls.

Make yourself into the type of person women want to be around.

That is a powerful statement and the key to this entire article.

What women want

If you skipped to this head, go back and read this entire article from the beginning; you will get more out of it.

So how do you become someone that women want? Does that mean you need to change things about yourself? As a great man once said, “yup”.

Most people who need articles like this spend far too much time bitching and moaning versus taking that energy to change themselves for the better. Learning how to speak properly, good grooming, getting in shape, dressing nicely and learning to exhibit the qualities you have inside take work.

Being a nice guy is great, and the girl you eventually land will love that about you. But, she will also love that you dress nicely, can play the piano, look good with your shirt off because you like to run and are successful because you learned to channel your ambition.

So stop being afraid and being comfortable who you are because who you are is a nice guy who is alone. Focus on changing yourself enough that you are slightly more interesting and valuable that those around you so you stand out more to women. In the long run it is a change that will make you happy because it will allow you to get what you want which is a woman.

If not, then enjoy that people always say, “He is such a nice guy, hopefully he will find someone.”