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How to Defend Yourself in a Fight

The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. Of course this isn't Fight Club; this is about not getting your ass kicked in a fight.

Yes, it is titled, 'How to defend yourself in a fight' but that also means not getting the snot smacked out of you. So what should you do? There a few options and we will run through the proper sequence to aid in your defense.

Step #1 - Avoid the Fight

No, this is not a pussy move. Personally I have trained for years with kung-fu, jiu-jitsu, and kick boxing; also I have been in some street fights and worked as a bouncer. As satisfying as it is to knock someone the f*&k out, it is more than likely that getting in a fight will suck. It just takes one idiot pulling a gun or some friend of his hitting you from behind to ruin your day. Plus the Police are all touchy about things like assault if you actually know how to throw down.

So if at all possible talk it out, buy the guy a beer, or just walk away.

Step #2 - Defend Yourself

I know, you are thinking, "No shit Sherlock." Most people do not know how to fight. Because of that defense is pretty basic. Even if they do know how to scrap this will help. Assume a boxer's pose with one foot slightly forward. Keep your knees bent and stand on the balls of your feet. Raise your hands you like you are going to fight but keep your elbows tight to your body. Your hands should be at ear level with your lead hand 12 inches from your cheek and your other hand 6 inches out. Tuck your chin down.

This body position gives you the best balance and most compact target you can have; it also makes you look serious and that you know what you are doing. From this position you are protecting your head.

Step #3 - Hit First, Hit Fast

If there is no way to avoid the fight and you are squared off with each other, here is the reality; after a few punches are thrown most fights turn into wrestling matches. You do not want to wrestle with people. So what do you do?

Like any good fighter you work that jab. When he comes in close you snap out that lead hand in a jab right towards his eyes. Think about speed and not power; whip it out and draw it back. Keep your hand tight and just try and pop that eye. Many people haven't been punched in the face before and the eye is a soft spot. Don't do anything fancy, just stick that jab and if you can pepper him a few times then fire off a cross from the other hand. Then hop back a few steps, settle back into your stance and wait (this helps with the cops because you gave him a chance to stop fighting).

Step #4 - Get Dirty

One of the most important things to remember in how to defend yourself in a fight is that there are no rules; this is a fight. The other guy wants to hurt you. Unlike back in civilized days when people hand rules like, 'no low blows' usually anything goes. So that means watch out for friends looking to jump in and help as well as low blows.

Of course to me this means you hold no quarter either. You get in close and you stomp his foot, kick out his knee, fire a knee into his nut sack, and punch him in the throat. My first instructor wanted any fight to end in 30 to 60 seconds. He said if you take any longer you aren't being brutal enough. Whatever an opponent puts in front of you, break. That philosophy was after you do it once or twice, people learn not to mess with you.

Step #5 - It's Wrastlin' Time!

If the fight ends up on the ground you want to try and get on top. If that fails grab one of his hands and start breaking fingers.  Yes, I mean it. Unless you want to end up with someone pounding your head into a pulp, grab a finger or two and start twisting as hard as you can only to stop when you hear a snap and scream.

A few things about this tactic; it is a fight you tried to avoid, sprained or broken fingers hurt like hell, and it is hard to get punched by a buy with broken fingers because he can't make a fist. Also people are less likely to want to fight you when they know you might start breaking fingers. If you can't get a hold of finger then grab his balls and squeeze really hard. Honestly I don't care if it's not manly; if someone is trying to kick my ass my first job is to stop that from happening.

Hopefully these basics on how to defend yourself in a fight will help you out in a pinch. For more assistance stop trying to learn how to fight from reading articles and watching YouTube videos. Go find a  martial arts studio and get some real training in. Of course once you actually learn how to fight people don't want to mess with you as much, but that is a defense in itself.