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Cool off your Bro-Beverages with Beverage Chilling Stones by Rox

Lets face it people, watered down drinks aren't classy. There must be a solution for this, right? Well, the solution was initially discovered by the Scottish in the 1800's. They would traverse down to the riverbed to retrieve freezing rocks from the depths of the water, only to drop back into their drinks to keep them cold. What initially appeared as a seemingly childish act ended up becoming a revolutionary way to cool off your beverage for centuries to come.  It proved drinks could retain that "chilled factor" for longer and could also skip the main problem that comes with using ice; diluted drinks.  

Thanks to the company Rox - Beverage Chilling Stones, men and women all over the world have found an outlet to help subside the frustration of dealing with diluted drinks. "Rox" are a unique line of Beverage Chilling Stones designed to help everyone embrace this recently rediscovered appreciation for non-diluted beverages. 

Rox are providing a product line that has a leg up on the current competition. They've decided to provide an upgrade from the significantly smaller stones already found on the current market, which is less than one inch. They are manufacturing stones 1" by 1" stones for smaller beverage sizes and 1.25" by 1.25" stones for larger beverages, such as beer. They even package it up in a soft cotton bag, stamped with your desired logo of choice. 

Here's a few more reasons why “Rox” are better than the other guy's. First off, they are made from 100% natural Soapstone, they leave behind no taste, no odor, they are smoothed and rounded (no glass chipping), and they're easy to wash. Secondly, using 100% soapstone and having the increase in overall size have allowed Rox to hold a thermal temperature for longer periods of time. Longer is better when it comes to chilling your drinks. 

They currently make "Rox" for Wine, Coffee, Beer, Whiskey, Scotch, and one's called Bev-Rox for any other drink of your liking. 

To pick yourself up some Rox, check out the Kickstarter campaign below, or go to