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Bro Guide to New Year's Resolutions

What is one of the first things that people think about after the smoke clears from a long Christmas day of unwrapping gifts, eating far too many cookies, drinking too much and probably watching some of the classic movie, A Christmas Story? If you guessed New Year's Resolutions then not only are you a genius but you also must have actually read the title of this Bro Guide!

The New Year is always considered a special time. Many of us look at it like a big, fat, reset button. Out of shape? Smoking problem? Not getting laid enough? Crappy job? No worries son; just hit the New Year and you can resolve to change your life.

Of course most people just make empty promises to themselves and keep being the exact same person they were the previous year. But not you...not this year...hell no!

A resolution tests your resolve

The thing about resolutions is that they show you who you really are; a failure or a success. Let that sink in for a minute.

Now nobody wants to be a failure, yet time after time and year after year people make a resolution and start a path they have no real intention of following it. So how do you break that cycle?

·       Be honest - What do you really hate about your life and you wish you could change? Don't make a laundry list because in life you don't have that much time. At most there should be 5 things on your list that you really want to change.

·       Be realistic - If you want to lose weight then set reasonable goals like 3 pounds a month. That is nothing to sneeze at because by summer you will be down at least 18 pounds. Sure your goal might be 30 but guess what? You will hit that by the end of the year.

·       Don't resolve dumb things - No drinking except on weekends...well that is just begging to be broken. Unless you have a problem with booze why would you say that? Is the real problem you just like to party more than be responsible? No sugar...another tough one. Really think about how these things will play out and don't resolve it if you really can't do it.

·       Be consistent - When you make that list put it up somewhere and set reminders to check that thing every week. Cross it off on the calendar for each week you do it, no matter what "it" is. Even if you slip up, get back on that horse son. The only person you really are going to let down is you, but letting yourself down is a big deal so don't do it.

·       Celebrate accomplishments - Hey you decided to go back to school for your Master's and just finished the first semester. Throw yourself a party because you deserve it.

The Example

What should a good list look like?

·       Enroll in a Master's program.

·       Travel to 2 different countries.

·       Lose 10 pounds and keep it off until next year.

·       Work up to running a 10k by the end of the year.

See how easy that is? These New Year's resolutions are specific but not overwhelming. They are attainable while not being pathetically easy because they still require work but will also provide rewards. If you complete a list like that then you can look back and say that it was a pretty good year and if you can do that every year then you will end up having a pretty kick-ass life.

·       Be a better bro! Okay if you have a wife or serious girlfriend make sure you lead with "Be a better husband" or "Be a more loving boyfriend". Whatever it takes to appease the little lady right? But really you need to make sure you are still good to your boys. If that means wingman duty on Friday night for her less than lovely friend, well you get in there and do it!

·       Pick two things off your bucket list and do them. Call it what you will, Bucket List, Life List, Crap I want to do, or anything else. The bottom line is that you need to go do some of these sweet things you have dreamed about and there is no better time than now.

·       Get your lazy ass in shape. People die every day from all sorts of stuff. But is there any worse way to go then a heart attack because you let yourself get fat and out of shape? Added bonus, it feels awesome to destroy guys in their 20's on the court after they snicker about you being in your 30's.

·       Go to one live sporting event this year. It doesn't matter if it is the NBA, NFL, MLB, or whatever your sport of choice is. But go out and be a fan and have some fun.

·       Post at least one funny thing here a week for your friends on Manwall. Is this just a shameless promotion? Hell no, we don't do that (editor's note: yes we do). But laughter has been proven to be directly related to happiness and a longer life. The more funny stuff we all see and laugh our asses off to, the better.

·       Learn something new. Our brains actually still work; no matter how much we might try to hurt them with alcohol. But they can work better when challenged to learn something new. So pick something new to try and go own it. Last year it was golf. This year it is going to be guitar. Be a better man for it.


So what are your resolutions? Shout it out in the comments so we can give you a solid "Hell Yeah" for those good ones and of course yank you Man Card if you give us some sissy crap to earn points with your wife.