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Avoiding Regrettable Decisions


One bonus of being older is that I have had plenty of chances to screw up my life and make regrettable decisions. Some people call this 'wisdom'; I call them mistakes and often play that wild fantasy of being able to go back in time like Michael J. Fox to slap myself really hard to prevent being a dumbass.

But alas, I have been unable to perfect my redesign of the flux-capacitor so my DeLorean just sits in the garage looking like some giant 'Ode to the 80's'. Hey look, another regrettable decision. F*&k me....

There is still time for the younger bro's! Let me impart some of my 'wisdom' learned the hard way and hopefully you will be smart enough to learn from these mistakes.

What Was I Thinking?

·       Tattoos - These are either hit or miss decisions. Never get a tattoo on the spur of the moment. Never, ever, ever put a name of something on your body. That rule applies for inking up vulgar things as well. Also location, location, location.

·       Adventure - Don't be a pussy and wimp out on epic adventures when you are young. When you get older there are so many damn responsibilities that you can't just drop everything and drive to Vegas for a week because it sounds like a good idea. Plan those trips with your friends and see the world. Should I do yard work this weekend or pull an all-nighter to go catch Van Halen? Choose wisely.

·       Condoms - Every time. Unless you want to have a kid when you aren't ready or accidently contract AIDs (which really is a huge downer) you should always take condoms with you. I know plenty of guys who got girls pregnant then had to get married early and now hate their lives because it isn't what they wanted.

·       College Degree - Get one and make sure it is useful. Going back to college in your 30's sucks because you end up at Phoenix University and nobody wants to have panty raids. Bite down, be poor, and finish your degree in a useful area that you can use to get a lot of jobs because you never know what the hell the economy will look like in 10 to 20 years.

·       Friends - People will come and go in your life but always be there for your closest friends; those are the people who you don't need to check Facebook to see what they are doing because you actually hang out with them. Don't look back years later and wish you had been a better friend.

·       Marriage - It can wait. Yeah, I know you are sooooooo in love with your first girlfriend. Honestly people at a young age have no freaking clue what they want out of life and as you both grow up more and mature more than likely everything will change. Think I am wrong? Check the divorce rate for people who get married before they are 28. Divorce is a pain in the ass.

·       Money - Always save money and don't blow it on stupid shit. That way when it is time for epic adventures you don't have to worry about being a broke ass.

·       Do Better - Don't be that guy who is always the same. Try and be a better version of you every year. Far too many people settle for average and don't try to work on themselves until later in life. Then they are pissed at all the time they wasted.

·       Your Health - You will not always be as unbreakable as you are when you are young. The better care of your body you take now, the less hard work you have to put in later hoping to play catch up. That doesn't mean being a saint all the time but the flip side is stop being a sinner so often.