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5 Rules to Photobombing

I was at a high school reunion this weekend and at the event was quickly reminded that there are two kinds of photobombing; epic, memorable shit and what everyone else does.

Don't be like everyone else.

A good photobomb is like live art. It is special, timeless, and one-of-a-kind. But it isn't easy to do as evident by all the failed bombs in the history of bombing. No, there are rules to follow and techniques to master before you can do it properly.

The best bomb of the night happened to me. I was sitting with two bros and we had a girl sitting across our laps. Just as the photo was about to hit a random dude slid into the front of the photo for not only perfect placement of his body but also it looked as if he was staring right up the girls' dress. The end result was an instant classic.

If you want to become a photobombing master then read the rules below and then let loose upon the world!

Rules of the Photobomb

1. Location - It is all about where you are doing the deed. In this case a reunion is a hot spot of moments waiting to happen just like weddings, parties, and birthdays. Funerals...not so much and very awkward.

2. Acquire Targets - There are a lot of vain people around who love to pass around their phone or camera to be included in every shot so they can instantly share it on Facebook. Find those people and keep an eye on them as prime targets. Also if there is an assigned picture taker for the event, keep them in mind too.

3. Pick a Face - The bomb isn't just getting in the photo; any idiot can do that. It is what you are doing while there that matters. Some people prefer the 'ugly' face. A little zombie eating brains action is also very acceptable. Sometimes it is just the right look at the right time that can do it. Practice and see what you have available in your repertoire before jumping into bomb central.

4. Get in There - No time to be shy! When you see that the photo is about ready you have mere seconds to make your move. You need to slide in and slide out as seamlessly as possible without the photographer noticing. If you get caught bombing then it is harder to bomb the rest of the night. Typically behind the main focus is best.

5. Take Pride - At least in your work. If you did your job well then at some point somebody will rip into you for ruining the perfect shot. When that has happened then you know that a level of mastery has been attained. But do not rest on your laurels; live to photo bomb again.

We made sure to include a few classic examples so you understand the scope of all that you can do!