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Yabba Dabba WTF?

Ever just have those WTF moments? You know like when you are an obscenely rich Hollywood icon with a 25 acre parcel of land in Malibu that includes a hill, 360 degree views, and a nice unobstructed scene of the ocean. So of course you decide to build a little 'getaway' spot where you can shag the ladies or your wife. Can't decide on a style to build? Why not channel some Fred Flintstone and make it look exactly like a house from the Stone Age! Check out these funny pictures and I'm sure you will agree.

Honestly that is exactly what Dick Clark did years ago. He made Fred Flintstone's flipping house in Malibu, except his version is a 1 bedroom and 2 bath spot with no dinosaur elevator. Plus he has central AC and a septic system.

Now since he has decided to sell it we all get to see this crazy pad. I can't decide if it is genius or nuts. When you look at those inside pictures the scope of the project is pretty amazing. Aside from the flat countertops and fireplace everything else is total B.C. style which is fairly awesome as these funny pictures prove.

But man how much do you have to love a cartoon, or yourself, to want to build a custom home that looks like that? It's not like you can just remodel if you get bored with the theme. There is no option to swing down to Home Depot and pick up some new cabinets for the kitchen if you need more space.

"Uh what do you currently have in there?"
"Oh just some bedrock."

Oh well I guess when you have Dick Clark money you can do crazy stuff like that and its cool. I'm sure it impressed the ladies when he would take them up there and play, "Bam Bam!"

In case you are in the market for property is Malibu he is only asking $3.5 million. Dick actually bought the land for $500 back in 1991 before people thought you could build up on a hill like that. While building costs haven't been disclosed, I have to imagine he is making some good money on this sale. Either way we would like to thank Dick Clark and his realtor for posting this listing along with those funny pictures for us to all chuckle at the absurdity of people with money.