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WTF Happened to Adam Sandler?

This is just getting sad. Adam Sandler used to be 'the man'. He made all of the best idiotic comedy movies that you needed to go see and could watch over and over again. His were always a funny movie you had to see. Now his movies have gone from 'must see' to 'must avoid'.

His latest offering, Jack & Jill, just swept the Razzies. For those who don't know the Razzies are the anti-award show for movies that suck with the Golden Raspberry Foundation and Rotten Tomatoes combining to compile votes on what could be described as anything anti-funny movie.

Sandler was the king by winning 10 awards for the absolutely worst film which set a new record for mediocrity (as well as Razzies to a single film in a year). He won for worst actor and actress as well as on-screen duo. Of course worst screenplay, picture, and director were his as well. Even the legendary Al Pacino, who had a cameo, was nominated due to association.

So WTF happened to Adam Sandler?

Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy, and Big Daddy were all such classics. Even Billy Madison was funny. But then 2000 hit and it was a lot of bad movies with the occasional saving grace like Anger Management or 50 First Dates.

The only theory we have here is that marriage somehow stole his mojo. Adam was married in 2003 which means the engagement and wedding planning took place after some of his best work. Since then his track record is spotty at best. So did his wife suck the creative juices out of him? Now that he has two kids as well can we only expect awful comedy again? All of us here at Manwall pray that it isn't true.

First we don't want to see the marriage break up because she is smoking hot and every Bro deserves a girl like that. But we need something to happen so he can get back to creating a funny movie versus a Razzie worthy flick.

Our only idea is that he gets back in touch with his comic roots and starts doing stand-up again. Back before SNL hit Sandler made his bones working the NYC circuit and wasn't just a success in a funny movie. In fact, most of his early life gave him material for his best work.

We only say this because we are Bro's Adam, but take a break from making movies. Recharge a bit. Then when you have some ideas try a focus group to see how funny they are. A whole movie dressed in drag? Really? Please don't do that to us again.