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Wrist Breaker of the Week - Heather Rae Young

Women that go be either one name or three are just damn sexy. At least when I see sexy photos of a woman like Heather Rae Young, that is one thing I think of. The other thought that goes through my head is, "Ahhwooohaaa!"

The Miss February 2010 Playmate provided a plethora of sexy photos in that issue that definitely had me holding the sausage hostage many times. Since that glorious time a few years ago this vixen has impressed me many times more with a variety of sexy photos that just make men want to goose the gherkin (for those not up to speed on analogies we are talking about masturbating here).

So it is only fair to share this lovely woman with the wall in the form of a gallery of sexy photos. I could include information about her like her website at which has a few nice things like booking information for your next birthday party (that would be sweet!). She tweets too but doesn't really say much. Also she has a few movies in the tank like 'Christmas in Compton' and 'Mafia' which both look pretty awful. Oh well, a hot girl has to start somewhere right?

I might as well stop with the frivolous information now as more than likely you are not reading anything I have to say at this point. Hot blondes with great curves seem to have that affect on a man's attention span. Look...a squirrel!!