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World of Warcraft - Best New Dating Site?

No, we aren't kidding. Besides being a pretty cool video game, studies are showing that it is easier to meet women playing WoW compared to other online dating sites.

Okay, we know what you are thinking. All of these girls will be geeky, non-athletic, and boring. While that is an interesting idea it is statistically impossible. Let's look at the numbers (from Online University).

·       Subscribers: WoW - 12 million    eHarmony - 1 million

·       Average Age: WoW - 32     eHarmony - 48

·       Hours on Site: WoW - 30 a month    eHarmony - 1.5 a month

So on paper it looks good right? More people who are younger and actually are on the site more hours to meet. In actuality it is even better. An incredible 75% of players are dating someone else playing the game. Those people who started a romance are even willing to travel over 100 miles to meet this person in person.

Want more? Well the cold hard facts from (semi-meat market) is that 1 out of 100 women you message will respond on average. Doug from Accounting can attest to this statistic. It is like getting cold shouldered in a bar over and over but without a walk of shame or alcohol to ease the sting. In less of course you are drinking while trying to message girls online, which just seems kind of weird.

World of Warcraft, on the other hand, reports that 40% of female players feel attracted to another player. Why is this? It is simple; the ladies get to see your personality first. It seems like that on Match and some of the other dating sites women still respond to pictures first. If you aren't that great looking then you get passed over even if you have the most awesome profile and are a great guy. But playing online and actually interacting in a safe environment which gives people a chance to see who you are.

Added bonus - playing WoW is a lot more fun that trolling for women on dating sites. While searching through profiles and getting hopeful when you find a woman that is beautiful and matches what you are looking for is fun, you still have to wait for that response that usually doesn't come. Instead you can be chopping things in half and having fun with other people. This isn't to say that you should become a still need to get out of the house and hang with your Bro's. But World of Warcraft might just be a better option for meeting women online.