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World's Greatest Dad or Moron?

Someone sent me the link to this video about a backyard coaster and said I had to watch it. The guy didn't bother to provide details but my general expectation was that I was about to watch some horrendous accident that would either leave me pissing my pants from laughing or emotionally scarred from the pain and suffering.

Boy was I wrong.

Check out the video below and then let's compare notes:

So this dude goes all out for his kid and assembles some serious erector set shit in his backyard. Kids, you want dad to make you a back yard coaster? Just get some PVC pipe (well known for being solid roller-coaster material), some wood, and a bit of cement.

You have to give absolute props to this dad for trying to make something cool for his kid and really going the extra mile. The closest my dad ever got to this was that one Sunday morning we made a fort out of empty beer cans which he then promptly passed out in. But this dad did it all and apparently sober since the video didn't have a single instance of the kid flying off and landing in a tree.

But at the same time, the dude is a complete moron and so is his wife. Are you freaking kidding me? No helmet at all on this hillbilly deathtrap and did you see the way that kids neck whipped around during the drop in an on the corner? Plus that's a lot of freaking work to shove that kid to the top with a pole over and over. Tickets to that ride cost at least $3 because you need him to run out of money after about 5 rides so you don't have to push him up the hill anymore.

For our overall safety rating I think we will give this coaster a solid D because he has a pretty good chance to lose a finger, get whiplash, or fall out sideways at any point in time. Plus as nice as his cement posts, he might want to use a little more side support on that bad boy for that big drop in.

But when you live in the middle of Iowa or wherever the hell this is I guess you have to do something to pass the time between the annual County Fair coming to town. So you use that massive backyard to whip together some fun that took you weeks to make, will hold the attention of your kid for a few hours, and that he will outgrow in less than a year.

The final vote is - moron. Unless you have too many kids and are trying to thin the heard, this little experiment was a lot of time and effort for minimal payout.