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Why you should support the Bachelor on ABC

Hold on, I didn't hit my head on the way to work this morning. Also keep in mind I am not saying you should watch the Bachelor or the Bachelorette regularly either. But, this show can serve a valuable purpose if you have a wife or girlfriend.

Sometimes it is important that your girl has something that can be time for just 'her'. Maybe she invites friends over or goes over to a friend's house for a weekly Bachelor watching party. If she doesn't - encourage it! This is one of those shows that most of us guys think is very lame and boring (because it is), but the ladies love it and can't seem to get enough. So why not encourage it as a little 'girl time' and reap the benefits?

Free Time - While she is watching her drama show you can be watching sports with the boys or maybe having a poker night. If you can arrange for regular group get-togethers for her and her friends you can bet there will be a good hour of discussion post show about the events.

Good Ideas - You can pop online and take some notes on the good and bad things the different people did on the show. These crib notes can be great ideas for romance your woman will appreciate as well as things to avoid. Plus if she knows you don't watch the show you get points for originality. Just don't overuse it!

Tool Showcase - No, we aren't talking about Craftsman here. On the Bachelorette show a woman is wooed by a bevy of guys. Some are gentlemen and others are absolute tools. After watching a few of those guys parade by, you are going to be looking a lot better in her eyes by comparison.

Sometimes you might have to bite the bullet and watch the show if her friends aren't around. But consider it a chance to show off your 'sensitive side' and also lay the groundwork for the future when important hockey or basketball games are airing. You know she will have something to keep her happy so you won't have to miss some of the stuff that makes you happy. In a relationship we call that a win-win baby! So take a little time to support the Bachelor.