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Why it's Awesome to live in the U.S.


If for some reason you don't already know why it is so much cooler to live here in the US than some of those other Euro countries, this video really drives it home. Apparently this is what passes for entertainment in some of those cold war nations:


Commentary time? You betcha!

So I have no idea what this dude is saying and couldn't care less because all I can think about is the fact that he is wearing a fanny pack. Who still does that?

In case you were wondering this is what passes for a 24-Hour Fitness in the Eastern bloc countries. Luckily there is never much of a wait for chin-ups.

Oh look, what a pretty spot to take your girlfriend to. "Hey honey, remember that time we climbed to the top of that rusty old crane and instead of enjoying the view and making out I tried to pretend I was a circus act. Thank goodness I only ended up paralyzed from the waist down and watching me fall only traumatized you slightly, right?"

Shouldn't these kids being chugging vodka and having an awkward three-way?

Seriously these guys need an X-Box. When your source of afternoon entertainment is watching to see if you friend will fall to his death while you record it, you have some serious issues; unless of course he is tired of being the 'third wheel' and is just biding his time.

In case we actually need to say it, "Kids, don't try this at home. These are fully trained idiots with absolutely nothing to live for."

Hey look, Darwinism in action!

Sadly this doesn't even make the Top 10 Things to do in the Ukraine on a Saturday.

Seriously, after watching that video don't you feel better about your life? Sure, he is getting exercise and fresh air but I will take sitting on my comfy couch watching the Olympics on my giant flat screen while drinking beer over life in the Ukraine anytime! To think, some people over there pity us poor Americans for being out of shape. Thanks, but I'll take a few extra pounds and living to see my thirties over that any day of the week.