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Why Do Some People "Like" Everything?


What is wrong with some people? Do they even read anymore? What is this rant about? Basically I am complaining about people either being stupid or stupid people; honestly it can go both ways.

Specifically I am getting annoyed by people who 'Like' things on Facebook that you shouldn't be 'liking'.

Here is an example:

So far this morning I've stepped in dog pee, discovered the dog was sick (again) everywhere and embedded a thumb tack completely in my foot. I stopped the bleeding but I'd like to go ahead and request a do-over on this craptacular start to a day. *grrrrrr* 

6 people like this.

Why would anyone 'Like' this? Are you sadistic bastards who enjoy the pain of others? Are you too lazy to provide sympathetic comments like 12 other friends did? Or do you just randomly 'Like' your friends posts to make them think you actually care. (side note: this was a friend of mine's crappy ass day)

Maybe Facebook should get on the ball and add a 'Sympathy' button so people can offer support. After all, so many people use Facebook as a way to try and illicit compassion from their 'friends' about how crappy things are going. You know those people, who document every up and down in life, usually in real-time, so we have the chance to let them know how awesome we think they are or console them on bad days.

Hrm...considering that line of thought maybe the people who 'Like' complaints are just being sarcastic bastards.

What Should You Do?

First, never post random complaints and other bitch fests on Facebook anymore. Then you don't have to worry about people enjoying your misery.

Second, never enjoy anyone else's misery unless it is an ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, or mortal enemy. Of course why you would be Facebook buddies with any of those people is beyond me.

Third, make to mock other people who 'Like' bad news in the comments below the post. That way you can virtually call them out for being an idiot.

Working together we can eliminate this problem. It might take some time but I am positive this grassroots styled campaign can get enough traction that this travesty can be completely eradicated by 2013. We don't need to 'Like' everything.

"Liking your own Facebook status is redundant. Of course you like it, you wrote it."   ~Bro Tips #507.