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Why Anna Burns is one of our Hot Ladies of January


Anna Burns is the Miss Hooters International from 2005. But that alone is not enough to propel her to the fame of being one of the Hot Ladies of January. No, here at Manwall we expect a little something more. A girl must have a certain something special that elevates her in our eyes beyond a great rack and really, really nice legs. Anna Burns has Wes Welker and that is why she made the list of the Hot Ladies of January.

More specifically we should say Wes Welker has her, the lucky dog, after the two got engaged. Now we here at Manwall love Wes. He is a stud on the football field that fearlessly goes across the middle and never takes a play off. That type of blue collar hard work and effort is always appreciated. On top of that he is a pretty average looking guy and yet he still managed to catch a serious WAG in Anna Burns.

But the Hot Ladies at Manwall aren't just pretty faces. Anna was at her man's side during his knee surgery and rehab and even made him flannel pajamas with cowboy boots on them for Christmas. He famously made her breakfast in bed, and apparently she never lets him sleep while in bed (lucky bastard). They still hit the occasional Miss Hooters pageant and they also do a little charity work with the Wes Foundation helping supply schools in underprivileged neighborhoods.

Of course Anna Burns is still very much a pretty face as she was part of the All Stars, was voted the Hooters Best Damn Dream Girl, and has been in a ton of photo shoots and commercials to show off her 'assets'.

So here is to you Wes Welker and the newest of the Hot Ladies of January, Anna Burns; we shall now respectfully view your beauty from afar (unless you dump Wes - then call me!).