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Who Needs Luck?

If you are talking about the hot new series on HBO, then this guy sure as hell does! The new drama just premiered and all I can say is wow! This was like a combination of the Sopranos and the movie Casino. It was hard, gritty, and interesting as hell.

First the cast is phenomenal headed up by Dustin Hoffman who is finally getting his teeth into the serious roles that DeNiro usually corners. On top of that, the rest of the cast is comprised of some serious talent without a single weak link. Honestly I have no idea how they managed to pay all these guys like Nick Nolte, Dennis Farina, Richard Kinda, and Jason Gedrick. Every single character was played by someone who you knew from somewhere.

Then we get that insider's views like with the Sopranos and organized crime or Casino and the old Las Vegas; except this time it is with horse racing and the track.

The guy who created Deadwood (love it), David Milch, made this show and it was directed by Michael Mann. Yes that Michael Mann who produced Heat, Miami Vice, Public Enemies, and Crime Story. If you want a guy who has done some serious action/drama the he is the man(n).

If you haven't seen it, then make sure to watch it. For those without HBO see if a Bro can snag it. This one wasn't on our recent Top 10 shows for 2012, but with Luck, I think we just turned it up to 11.