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Who is the Bigger Whore?

In a new feature here on the Manwall we are launching a special contest titled, "Who is the Bigger Whore?" This contest will pit two people head-to-head as we try and determine which one is the bigger whore.

Now for the purposes of this contest the term 'whore' is going to use the standard definitions which include: "a prostitute, a person considered sexually promiscuous, or a person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain."

Is everyone clear on the rules? Then let's play the feud!

Who is the bigger whore, Kim Kardashian or Bibi Jones?

Ladies, state your cases!

Bibi Jones: I should be the bigger whore because I am a porn star! I get paid money to have sex with men while being filmed. My parents hate what I do and even though I am only twenty, I have been doing this for years.

Along with being in Hustler and taking it in the ass on the set I also helped cause a stir by banging Dan Uggla and the Gronk last year.

(side note: even though she just announced a tearful retirement from porn to focus on herself, she still meets all the requirements of being a whore and thus is eligible for this competition.)

Kim Kardashian: Please, I win this contest hands down. My entire career started after I "accidently" released a tape showing me blowing my then famous boyfriend Ray-J, who I was totally using because he was semi-famous. From there I worked my way up the ladder of men in the news such as Nick Cannon, Miles Austin, Reggie Bush, and of course my second husband, Kris Humphries. The entire time I was using that public attention to make people watch my horrible 'reality' show as well as convince ad people that I could sell products based on having a nice smile and giant ass.

That whole engagement and marriage was a complete sham where I was banging him just to help spread the Kardashian brand. Heck, I whored out my older sisters, my mom, my brother, and even Bruce Jenner. It's not easy to earn $14 million in a year by doing nothing other than sleeping around. But now I just landed a big fish in Kanye West who has enough money that I might even be able to quit the game.

....judges confer....

The Winner is Kim! Yes Kim Kardashian is a much bigger whore than the porn star! Based on the criteria of ' or a person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain' everything the woman has done since 2005 can be counted and back in 2005 little Bibi Jones was only 13.

Congratulations Kim for winning the first ever 'Who is the Biggest Whore Contest' from Manwall!