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Where Oh Where Art Thou Peyton?

After Tebowmania died down and Gronktime has gone away, all we are left with is PeytonWatch. Luckily ESPN will be available 24-7 to give us status updates on all things Peyton Manning, whether we want to hear about it or not.

Okay I will happily admit this isn't as bad as dealing with the Farve Saga. There is no waffling with Peyton. He was waiting for doctor's clearance and he is rehabbing. All we can do is wait. We have to wait to see if the Colts write a fat check for him or perhaps negotiate another deal in light of his injury. After that step then we can move forward. But until then all that is left is rumors, speculation, and the hopes of thousands of football fans whose team needs a good this guy.

Gotta Have Peyton -

I love what this guy is doing here. To start, if you are going to do it - go balls out. He has the growth, he has the earring, and he swings his beer gut like he means it. Besides his decent voice and good rhymes he gets massive points for tossing in that hot little blonde. I just wish she would have gotten more wiggle time!

Now honestly I don't care where Peyton goes (unless somehow he lands in San Francisco and brings Reggie Wayne with him). But I truly hope he keeps playing the game. Aside from being a great player and competitor the guy is pretty damn funny and I love seeing him in commercials and skits.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Bootleg SNL Skit - He actually made some of this stuff up during filming.


Priceless Peptalk -


2009 ESPY's -


Priceless Peptalk II -