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Where Are the Women At?

Sometimes trolling bars and clubs for girls gets old. In fact, it can get really old. Yes it is fun to get your party on and take a girl home for a crazy night of debauchery but it seems that too often than not, any relationship that starts in that manner is a bit doomed.

So where can you meet the kind of girls you want to date?

Usually most of us end up following the 'Proximity Rule' when it comes to dating. That is, we meet someone who is involved in our normal circle of activities we do each day or week. Maybe it is a cute girl who gets coffee at the same time we do or that athletic woman we pass every other morning on the jogging path. Lots of relationships start at work as well as a friend of a friend. Basically it is a natural proximity for you.

But what do you do when there is nobody in your proximity?

Well you can do things like speed dating, online dating, and have girls you know set you up on blind dates. Those are all good options. But you can also just get out and about and explore the world. There are plenty of great places to meet women (or men) if you want to go out and do it.

Ways to Meet People - This relatively new website is great for meeting all sorts of people doing all sorts of things. Really this is an option to help expand your 'proximity' in a way that allows you to meet people with similar interests. To start, there are singles groups and casual groups so you can meet people in the same boat or without the pressure of dating if you want. Then there are a ton of types of groups so you can have fun doing stuff and meeting new people.

Take a Class - A great way to meet new people and expand your circles is to take a class in something group oriented and fun. Things like dancing classes, photography, painting, music, and more are opportunities to have fun.

Scavenger Hunts - If you live near some of the larger metro areas then you should check out Watson Adventures ( They run grown up play-dates for people who love a good scavenger hunt. You have some cool options for narrowing interests on what/where you are hunting as well (no, not blondes or brunettes).

Museums - I kid you not. Some places in bigger cities have late night or all night hours on Fridays or Saturdays and you would be absolutely shocked how many single people go there to hang out because they are tired of the bar scene, being a third wheel, etc and just want to get out of the house.

Get Artsy - Check out Gold Star Events ( if you like theater and art type events. Since they offer discounted tickets to events you tend to get more single and group people getting out together. If you like to meet people then it can be another way to expand your proximity with people who have similar interests.