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What are you willing to do for $5?


I was cruising a certain web site last night (it might have been porn, it might not have) and I noticed a funny sidebar advertisement. It read, "I will pull an epic prank on someone for you for $5."

That was a very intriguing ad that actually made me stop doing whatever it is that I was doing and take note. Let's be fair, it's didn't stop me for long, but it was long enough that I remembered the name of this site for future reference.

Welcome to the world of Fiverr. This brilliant site has been created so people all across the world can basically whore themselves out for $5 a pop! No, they aren't selling sexual favors on this site (trust me, I looked very carefully). But instead what you get are people selling weird talents and hobbies for a mere $5!

Let's look at what a finski can get you these days:

·       "I will give you the best review/answer/smile in a video for $5" by Sarahsunshine. Congrats because now you are going to be reviewing Manwall with a smile!

·       "I will write a song to promote your business for $5" by Customdrumloops. Hey advertising, screw that expensive voice-over commercial. Let's toss this guy 5-bones and blow the rest of the budget on hookers and beer!

·       "I will transform you into a Jedi, in a realistic, personalized awesome video for $5" by Funat5rr. Sold!

·       "I will create a video as Hermione Granger for $5" by Alliemadison12. Totally getting this for Ted as a birthday present because he busts a nut for Hermione like no adult man should.

·       "I will sing an apology song to your significant other for $5" by Thegregjones. Keeping that in my back pocket just in case!

·       "I will be the crazy girl woman from the night club hook up they do not remember and I will go insane for $5" by bshore2000. Oh yes yes yes! I sense an epic Monday morning here at Manwall!

The site is pretty solid because you get to see samples from the providers. You can add on to the basic order, read feedback, check out overall ratings, etc. Also there are some seriously weird things people will do for $5. You can probably waste a good few hours deciding how to spend $20. In my book that is just as good as seeing a crappy movie plus you get a video out of it.

Heck maybe you will even sign up and sell some of your own weird skills for $5. Whatever pays the bills, right?