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Welcome to the Horror Show: Taco Bell Breakfast

Look at those hot images; is it just me or is that some of the most disgusting looking food ever seen? But now from 7am to 11am you can ride on over to the Bell (cause all the cool kids call it 'the Bell') and start your diarrhea earlier in the day!

Sure I get it; some people are lazy and willing to swing by a drive through to get breakfast. McDonalds pushes the Egg McMuffin and the array of fabulous morning coffees. A brave soul can try pancakes and then vainly use those little plastic utensils to try and eat it out of the Styrofoam container. Maybe you prefer scarffing down BK's ham omelet sandwich instead. Ugh now that creates some more hot images. Honestly I have never seen a ham omelet sandwich. The creation just sounds wrong. Really who thought turning an omelet into a sandwich would be a good idea? At least be a man and order the French toast sticks.

All this fast food breakfast nonsense makes me yearn for good old Dunkin Donuts. At least a donut is a universal breakfast option with a nice cup of coffee. Plus Dunkin stays in their basic area focusing on that morning shot of sugar to get the day going. You don't see them straying out of the zone and serving up dinner salads. Unlike Subway who wasn't satisfied with just doing lunch; now they have breakfast too? What the hell is going on around here?!?

At least if you are going to jump out of your normal food niche don't be afraid to go away from your theme. I think Taco Bell should serve up some pancakes. The Morning Wrap? Really? Or French toast with a jimmy dean sausage shoved in the middle? Are people still that drunk at 7am to want to eat that?

Well at least they are serving coffee now. Oh wait, that is Seattle's Best? Never mind, I'll go anywhere else for a real cup of coffee.

Enjoy our gallery of Taco Bells hot images for breakfast. Just to spice it up we tossed a few girls in.