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Welcome to the Glass House

This is quite possibly the dumbest idea for a prime time television reality TV show yet.

That statement says a whole lot about how idiotic I think this show will be. Considering all of the other completely moronic offerings that networks have been offering up lately such as weird panel dating shows and awful sitcoms, being at the top of the crap heap is almost an honor in itself. Congratulations Glass House!

I am sure by now you have all seen the promos (which are pretty stupid). The show is sort of like Big Brother (an idea that has been milked to death). You have a house with 14 "me-first" morons whose only goal in life is to grab their 15 minutes of fame and squeeze the life out of it to become the next Snooki or Paris Hilton; lofty goals for a life indeed. There is also a $250,000 prize on the back end but it is doubtful that any of these idiots would actually make use of the money to pay for anything reasonable like living expenses for a year or two.

The house is fully wired and we get to hear everything that goes on and then of course "control" the action in the house by advising these tools what they should do.

So we have a douche bag popularity contest where the winner gets paid $250,000 and we are supposed to obtain some level of emotional enjoyment out of watching them do this. Oh the drama!

That is the worst thing about these reality TV shows is that they try to create drama and completely lack any sort of realism in doing so. It's not like anything serious ever happens. You get these vapid personalities who talk about their personal lives (which usually are rather pathetic or sad involving very low morals and pretty awful decision making). You want some real life drama? Set lose a cougar in the house and see what happens.

It would be nice if Reality TV actually had some reality. Maybe if on the Bachelor one of the guys actually turns down getting a rose from the girl because they aren't a good fit. It is rather ridiculous to think that 14 guys would pursue the same woman and all really want a serious relationship with her. Sure, she is hot but they pretty much know sex isn't happening anytime soon. Or some of these other 'real' shows that never have any 'real' situations.

Will I watch Glass House? Hell no. It ranks right up there with the Kardashians and Jersey Shore as things that guys avoid like the plague. Now I just have to hope to God that my girlfriend doesn't like the show and wants me to watch it with her. Let's keep our fingers crossed!