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Welcome to the Big Leagues!


Evan Longoria finally hits an important home-run! No, I'm not talking about those epic blasts back at the end of last season to sneak into the playoffs. This lucky dog has a shiny new girlfriend named Jaime Edmondson. That's right; the Playboy model who has posed in tons of sexy photos is the new arm candy for the Rays' Third Baseman.

So let's check out Evan's goal list so far:

·       Career Choice - Major League Ball Player...check

·       Become Rich and Famous - See above...check

·       Hot Girlfriend - Playboy Model...check

Well I guess all that is left is to travel the world and have some kids. Of course as a ball player he already has been all over the U.S. so he has a leg up on that one too. Sheesh!

For those who aren't familiar with Miss Edmondson's sexy photos, we have provided a gallery for your enjoyment.  Our personal favorites are her football line. As an ex-Dolphins cheerleader she seems to still love the game.

So how lucky is Evan? Apparently Miss January 2010 is a sports fan who blogs about fantasy football and has a satellite radio show as well. %$#@&$@^!!! All this because a guy can hit a little ball with a stick...why did I ever pick wrestling as a sport in high school instead of baseball?

Enjoy the sexy photos and Evan, Manwall grudgingly salutes you!