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Welcome to a Man's Bedroom

It's time to grow up already. Back in the day it was perfectly acceptable to have a double bed (or racecar), posters on the wall, lava lamp, and maybe a bean bag in the corner. Of course you had to match that with some stylish particle-board shelving (or maybe Ikea). It was like an upscale dorm room.

But those days are long gone.

Seriously if that sounds anything like your room now you just need to drag out your clothes and few worthwhile personal effects before tossing a match in that sad, sorry place you sleep. A man's bedroom should be like a fortress of solitude. It should be a relaxing environment to rest after long days of being awesome as well as a spot to bring the occasional woman to do the dirty with.

So let's look at overhauling that room and making it fit for a king baby!

A Man's Bedroom

The Bed - It has to be a king (I go California) if your room can fit it. A queen is an acceptable alternative. You need a giant bed for two important reasons. One, it sucks when your feet hang off the end of the bed. Two, you have more room to roam when you are putting the lime in the coconut.

Bedding - First, go buy two sets of nice jersey sheets - you will thank me. They are soft without being all slick and satin-like which means you don't slip out of bed. You need two sets because something has to go on the bed while you forget to wash the dirty set. Then buy a comforter set with a few matching blankets. Obviously pick a nice color and style that you like. Do not get more than those two big pillows to go on the bed over your real pillows or I will personally drive to your house and slap you.

Lighting - First, you need a dimmer switch for the overhead light. Yeah, the lights go down before it goes down. Plus when you are hung-over a little less lighting is nice. Second, you should have a small lamp on the side table or whatever is next to your bed. It can provide great light for reading or whatever.

Wall Decor - Skip the posters, fat heads, and any frat style stuff. A really cool poster can work but at least take the time to frame it up. Personally I like some nice relaxing art that matches the colors in my room so when I stare at the walls I can keep a chill vibe.

Entertainment - With flat screens being so cheap there is no reason not to have one in your room. Make sure to have a DVD player or PS3 for watching movies as that is a great way to get her in bed. "Oh the player in the living room is broke; we can always watch it in my room." Plus if you are sick, lying in bed and watching TV is awesome. A nice music player is also recommended or an MP3 docking station.

Furniture - Spend a few bucks now and get some quality and functional pieces of furniture that have real wood. Ideally this set will last a long time so spend the extra dough. Try and avoid having a desk in your bedroom because that is associated with work which is not restful and relaxing. A sex chair is a nice touch tho...

Candles - Want to add romance to any situation? Just make sure to have some candles stashed around the room and light them up. I prefer a nice cinnamon candle because it has a decent smell and supposedly it is one of those smells women love.

Laundry Hamper - This should go without saying, but since I am saying it there is obviously still a problem. You should have a hamper either in your closet or in the bathroom. The hamper is where your dirty clothes go - every time. Nothing screams juvenile more than a dude who can't put his dirty shit away.