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Ways to Adjust for Daylight Savings

Daylight savings is a blessing and a curse. None of us mind one bit during the fall when time rolls back and we get an extra hour to drink and party. But in the Spring? Forget that! Who wants to lose an hour?

So the big day was on Sunday but you still find yourself thrown off as your internal body clock tries to adjust to your tricks. The clock says it is 10 and time for bed but you think it is only you are lying in bed in a funk. Well if you are having a tough time acclimating, Manwall has a few sure fire ways you can get yourself back on the right time in no time.

·       Get hammered - Monday night is a perfect night to go and get truly wrecked. Start early at dinner knocking them back and shoot for being passed out by nine. Sure this is a little weak on the party Richter scale; really who passes out at nine? But since you more than likely need to wake up the next day you might as well get in early. The nice thing about booze it that it screws up so many body functions that it will easily reset your internal time clock.

·       Play video games - How does this help? Play all night or as long as you can last. You will be so tired the next day it will be a piece of cake to get to sleep on time.

·       Watch the Late Show - Then watch the show that comes on after the Late Show and possibly see what is on after that. Same as before, getting yourself super tired makes it easier to fall asleep early the next day.

·       Pop an Ambien - Or use whatever sleep aid you feel helps the most. Some people prefer melatonin or soothing teas. Whatever it is, just make sure it knocks you the hell out early in the evening.

·       Work Out - Make sure you go extra hard. Your body will be so tired that you should pass out nice and early.

·       Have lots of Sex - Either with yourself or preferably with someone else. Then fall into that sweet post-orgasm slumber.

The key to these wonderful tips is that each one forces your body to adapt to the schedule. You blow right past the 'slightly tired for days' syndrome and just get it out of the way by Wednesday so you can power towards the next weekend.  Because who really wants to get to Friday and be tired and cranky when it is time to go out and tear it up?