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Want More Drama?

This is a funny movie. Really do I need to say more? I will but watch the clip first:

So apparently TNT can spring the big bucks and do this incredibly awesome scene in Belgium to promote launching their new high quality TV channel. That concept was so friggin amazing and suddenly I am jealous that it happened in Europe. How great would that be in Times Square? At least until someone pulled out a 9mm and started firing real bullets.

Who is that girl on the motorcycle wearing just a bra and panties? So many questions....

On that same note of a funny movie taking place in a foreign country (Russia) we have this gem. Not only is it something a lot of us would like to do if the auto shop wouldn't fix it for free, the guy who made it picked a great song:


Got a funny movie to share? Make sure to post it so your Bro's can get some laughs and make it a brotastic day for all.