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Viewer's Guide to March Madness

In an ideal world you could watch all of the NCAA games you wanted to. There would be side by side TV’s, Bro’s, hot wings, and beer flowing while the excitement of March Madness rolls over you and everyone else.


But that never seems to happen. Work and responsibilities creep into the schedule leaving you less than optimum time to watch thrilling (and not so thrilling) college hoops. So what do you do?


Why simply check Manwall for our viewer’s guide of course! That way you can focus on what you need to see and arrange your schedule around those games that are must watch.


So what makes a good game?


Obviously match-ups take some priority but also equally important is who is covering the game. The best games are usually those with a solid announcing team that gives you useful and interesting play-by-play and analysis regardless of the action. So first look at your brackets and see who you like to follow or root for an go from there.


So obviously by now the First Four have done their thing. No big whoop and be glad you missed it.


So what do you watch? CBS gets the top nod every time. They have the best announcing crews, the most games, and Charles Barkley. Chuck Wagon is hilarious the way he rips so many people all the time but in such a nice way. Also when you are watching a game you can keep an eye on the top scoreboard which should show you when another tight game is going on even if it is another network. The Final Four is a must watch no matter who is playing.


Best matchups? That is easy. The classics always get top billing like the Duke versus North Carolina. Other teams who always make for great tournament busters include St. Mary’s, Davidson, and Gonzaga. But most games are played with a lot of effort.


We prefer the announcing teams of Jim Nantz & Clark Kellogg, Marv Albert & Steve Kerr, or Verne Lundquist & Bill Raftery if all other things are equal.


Can we stream it? Yes you can! NCAA March Madness Live will be available for free (basically). Pretty much if you have cable then you can ‘authenticate’ yourself at,, or using an account number. People who can’t do that just have to pony up $3.99 to watch all the games. CBS games can be watched for free.


Got it on radio? You betcha! Westwood One will air all of the games over a variety of digital options. They have some decent reporters as well such as John Thompson and Jamal Mashburn doing analysis.


Who wins it? We have Kentucky and Syracuse facing off in the final with Syracuse again winning the title.