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Vanilla Ice Proves His Versatility in this Funny Movie


Don't act like you don't know the words to Ice Ice Baby. You and everyone else was head bobbing to that mix on the David Bowie beat. There is no shame in it. Heck, I will even cop to watching his ridiculously crappy movie that tried to ride his popularity but instead created a pile of stink they could smell in Japan. But you can't count out Rob Van Winkle as evident by this funny movie he did with The Soup on E!.

You can view the whole clip here on YouTube.

So after blowing up to superstar status and having your career explode in typical one-hit-wonder fashion many might think that Vanilla Ice would fade to obscurity. But somehow on his way down he figured some things out and managed to develop into a pretty cool dude. He still makes music, but now on his own terms and with a solid underground following.

Manwall is going to go out on a limb and give Rob the Coolness Award for handling all that adversity and coming out the other side. Here is a guy who is not afraid to make fun of himself and isn't just doing it to collect a paycheck; he actually has a sense of humor. Along with music he also has The Vanilla Ice Project on the DIY Network. Little known to people who have not seen the show, Ice has been buying, renovating, and flipping houses since the 1990's.

So here is to you Rob Van Winkle. You survived being used by the music industry, dated Madonna for 8 months when she was still really hot, survived a heroin overdose, became a Kawasaki sponsored Jet Ski racer, kept making music on your own terms, and even are doing movies and theatre. For all of that as well as a healthy dose of self deprecation, as evident in that funny movie on YouTube, we shall not make jokes at your expense ever more.