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Van Halen - Touring like its' 1984

It was like a late Christmas present when news surfaced that Van Halen is back for another go round! Rumors have been flying recently about the band being in the studio possibly working on an album. But with Van Halen, and the toxic chemistry they have, there always seem to be rumors like that.

But now it's official baby! If you check out their website,, the site states tickets will go on sale in January for the first Van Halen Tour since 2007, while a video of the boys clowning around to classics plays on repeat.

The line-up will be the Van Halen family of Alex, Eddie, and Wolfgang (Eddie's son) along with Mr. David Lee Roth. Honestly this does leave some fans like myself feeling a bit raw. I miss Michael Anthony. The great bass playing, that rock mullet, and his oddly high pitched back-up vocals that was there from the beginning. Eddie still claims that Michael quit, but given his overbearing controlling nature of the band most of us believe he was canned because of his bond with Sammy Hagar. Prior to the 2004 world tour, Eddie made Anthony sign away his rights to the Van Halen name and logo even though he was an original member.

But, all's well that ends well. While Sammy and Van Halen made some great music together, Diamond Dave is still dancing and prancing and quite the character for a lead singer. They are promising to "Tour like its 1984" in honor of their 40th Anniversary. The 2007 Van Halen Tour was cut short for Eddie to hit rehab, which really is the only way any good rock tour should end. Rehab is the true hallmark of any great band after all.

Manwall does recommend that you get tickets for the first half of the tour. Because honestly given Eddie's temper you never know if he will fire Dave in the middle of the tour. But then again, that's what makes them such a great band! Happy New Year Van Halen fans. The boys are back in town!