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Van Halen is Rocking on All Cylinders


News just came out that Van Halen added another 18 dates on the North American tour. Even better than that though are the reviews that are pouring in about how amazing the shows have been. For most fans, this was a "Don't miss" concert. But now it seems like for a music fan this is a "Must see" event.

We all know that Eddie is a guitar god. But during his addiction periods watching him live was sometimes like watching a lesser version. Also there is the concern over how he and Dave would get along since they had so many years of bad blood.

Well rejoice my friends, because so far they have been bringing it every night like it was 1984 - except with more skill and polish.

Check out this review from the Montreal Gazette:

"Tattoo drew a big cheer from the crowd. Everybody Wants Some drew a bigger one, bookended with Somebody Get Me a Doctor in the early highlight. After the crazy intro to China Town, Pretty Woman and You Really Got Me, you saw the new songs would slow nothing down. Not when The Trouble With Never was setting up Dance the Night Away. I'll Wait for the girls, the sonic roman candle of Hot For Teacher for everyone. You realized you'd been pulling for Eddie, and needn't have – he was in top form and complete control in those fretboard calisthenics, and seated on the steps for Eruption, and unleashing the riff to Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love ... Don't get me wrong – despite all that writing of a New Grace in a recent column, David Lee Roth remains a hooting Vaudevillian, his band a hard rock boom-bah parade candy coating a kind of genius center ... "

Or this one from

"Van Halen came out unannounced. No intro reel, nothing. They just started. Alex was pounding on the drums, Eddie started ripping, Dave said, "Let's go!," and it was on. Eddie fired into the opening riff of "Unchained," and the place went nuts ... the band was in fine form, especially Eddie, who looks happy and healthy, doing what he was put on earth to do. He is playing the best he's played in years." 

So if you don't have tickets, go get them. Call in sick to work, reserve a babysitter, or whatever you need to do. Because years later you don't want to look back and say you missed this concert because it is shaping up to be quite the show.