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Two More Weeks until Tosh.0 and more Funny Video Clips!


It is almost an eternity sometimes when you are waiting for your favorite TV show to come back from a break. That is exactly how we feel right now while Tosh.0 and his funny video clips with spot on comedy are on hiatus. Yup, we are big Tosh fans here at the Manwall.

Oddly there have been many clip shows on cable before. Most notable has been the Soup. But Tosh.0 just kicks the crap out of all of those shows, leaving them in the dust. Why? The show rules because Daniel Tosh is a really funny comic who only holds back when the sensors make him.

If you aren't already watching Tosh, you really needs to. He yanks down popular funny video clips and mocks them mercilessly. The guy is a genius, plus as the show gets more popular the budget gets fatter which means more fun! Along with the funny video clips he encourages fans to pull pranks, send in clips, and create challenges.

Really this is serious high brow stuff. But I know that no matter how bad my day has been, if my DVR has a fresh Tosh.0 episode saved, I will relax and laugh my ass off at other people's expense. Really, when you get down to it, isn't that was funny video clips on the internet are for? It is just an added bonus that Comedy Central tossed out the coin to actual hire a guy with some talent to do the show. With all of the failed ventures that they have run over the years, Tosh has become the biggest thing since Dave Chappelle was rocking the joint.

So 'Thank You" Daniel Tosh. Anxiously we await the new episodes that will come out at the end of the month. Keep doing your thing with those funny video clips so I can have that blessed half hour of release each week. It is much cheaper than visiting my local rub n' tug parlor.