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Top 5 Video Game Releases (upcoming)

With summer almost here there is a bit of excitement in the air. Quite a few really good looking video games are poised to release in the next two months. Of course this means that we will have some long weekends and need to take a few extra sick days now and again after a serious binge session.

Has anyone seen my extra case of Red Bull?

Here are the top 5 games you should be grabbing when they come off the shelves in the next two months (with trailers).

Diablo III - This much anticipated sequel drops May 15th and if the Beta Testers are right will be nothing short of awesome. Diablo II was such a classic that redefined the genre. With all that WoW money in the bank, you know Blizzard Studios took their time with this game to ensure what we get is going to be top notch, mind blowing stuff. If you like hack n slash or RPGs then this game might ruin your free time for a bit. We opted to use the Barbarian Trailer because he crushes things.


Max Payne 3 - Oh hell yeah! May 15th is a busy day for us as Max Payne's 3rd installment is released as well. Yes we really want Rockstar to make GTA5 but until then the third issue of this kick-ass series should be really sweet! For those who like a little puzzle to go with shooting stuff then here is your present for the month.


Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Dropping on May 22nd is another Ghost Recon module. With amazing graphics, sweet multiplayer options, and incredible looking action this game is a must own if you love to blast the crap out of the bad guys. Ubisoft nailed it again!


Lollipop Chainsaw - So this fun looking game combines three things we love; zombies, cheerleaders, and chainsaws. What could go wrong? On June 12th we finally get to find out! Juliet looks pretty hot...just saying...


Amazing Spider-Man - Of course with the new movie release you need a new video game release. On June 26 the video game releases on all platforms for everyone to enjoy. This is more of a free-roaming game so you can explore the world and find stuff to do as well as following the normal storyline; sweet.