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Top 10 Sexiest Women in the World

The sexiest woman alive is not always going to be determined by People magazine as long as I have a voice and a place like Manwall to post my opinions! Maxim has their Hot 100, Playboy has the Playmate of the Year, and Manwall as our Sexiest Women.

Now to clarify we are going with sexy which is a little different than just beauty. A woman can be breathtakingly hot but not be sexy at all. By the same token a girl can be a solid 8 or 9 but then with her sexy attitude and actions can easily surpass a 10. Know what I mean? Plus this list doesn't pander to recent popularity with teeny boppers like Selena Gomez or Kristin Stewart (cold fish) because when have they been sexy?

So here we have the list along with my reasoning and of course a sexy as all get-out gallery of babe-a-licious fun! You are welcome to disagree on the rankings but you have to admit these are all sexy women!

Top 10 Sexiest Women

10. Adriana Lima - Brazilian supermodel, Victoria's Secret angel, actress, hottie. Yup she has got it all and even a top 10 spot on this list!

 9. Beyonce - People occasionally gets it right when they make a Sexiest Woman pick. She cracks are top 10 because she is hot, sultry, and the first MILF on the list!

 8. Anne Hathaway - Seriously have you seen the trailer for the new Batman movie? She is playing Catwoman and owning that role. This chick can do sexy in her sleep with those curves, lips, and amazing eyes.

 7. Candice Swanepoel - I defy you to find a single photo shoot where Candice is not steaming up the camera lens. It is impossible!                 

 6. Scarlett Johanssen - The Black Widow has a real advantage being a talented actress. Is she just pretending to be sexy? I don't know and I don't care. All I know is when she turns it on; I can't turn it off...if you know what I mean.

 5. Megan Fox - I think she is just going to keep making this list year after year. It's those damn eyes, and those lips, and those curves, and....what was I talking about again?

 4. Tulisa Contostavlos - FHM dubbed her their top choice but I am not on the bandwagon yet. Physically she is hot. But the exposure on the X-Factor has me on the fence. However, I love her accent (damn those UK babes) and curves so here she is.

 3. Mila Kunis - With her personality she has a solid 'girl-next-door' or 'sister's-hot-friend' vibe, but damn can she pull sexy when she wants to. The combination of her eyes and pouty lip make me forget I have a girlfriend some days.

 2. Rihanna - Wow. Curves like that are so unfair. Those videos she makes showcase not only her amazing voice, but incredibly sultry looks. Did you see that Armani Ad? Oh my god!

 1. Rosie Jones - Okay I am totally biased, but I cannot get enough Rosie Jones. This British piece of pound cake is the hottest thing I have seen all year long. Her photo shoots are legen.....wait for it....dary. Topless? You bet!