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Top 10 Guys We Want in the Dunk Contest

Sometimes the NBA and its' players piss me off. As a fan I feel a certain amount of entitlement to be entertained. Yes, these players are physically talented. But at the same time, some of them are rather entitled.

Each year during the All-Star weekend many of us look forward to the Dunk Contest. Dunks are pure awesomeness. Rim-rockin, backboard breaking, around-the-back 360 windmill slam? More please!

But lately it has just gotten sad. The best dunkers might do a single contest and then disappear. Many years we have been left with less than spectacular line-ups with the expected less than thrilling results. Sorry Nate Robinson - it was cool the first time however the 2nd and 3rd wins were suspect at best.

But I have a solution!

Toss some money in the prize pool! Let's say a nice $250,000 for 1st Place, $125,000 for 2nd Place, and $50,000 for 3rd Place. I bet if the NBA put up that cash then we would suddenly get a lot more entrants to the contest. Heck, I bet they would spend some time practicing and seriously working out for it.

Sure it would be awesome if the players would just naturally want to entertain the fans who basically pay their salary. But since most of them obviously don't want to give back, let's wave a bunch of Benjamin's out there and see who wants it.

To that end, if I had my way here are the Top 10 NBA Dunkmasters that I would want to see in the 2012 NBA Dunk Contest.

1.     DeAndre Jordan - 'The Other Dunker on the Clippers' would get more highlights if he didn't play with Blake Griffin, but we recognize his skills.

2.     Gerald Wallace - The man can just get nasty around the hoop. I would love to see him in a contest with some freedom of expression.

3.     Rudy Gay - The small market doesn't always mean lots of hype, but Rudy elevates and hangs like no man.

4.     Josh Smith - People seem to forget he won the Dunk Contest in 2005, but we haven't.

5.     Dwayne Wade - LeBron isn't the only member of the Heat known for some incredible hops. D-Wade can do some amazing things in a game and I would love to see him with some scripted attempts.

6.     Dwight Howard - The 2008 Champ needs to get another cape and show use what else he can do.

7.     Kobe Bryant - Yes he has been here before and won it in 1997. The legs are a bit older but Kobe always rises to the occasion and still brings it to the rack.

8.     Andre Iguodala - Andre has springs in his legs and regularly throws down with authority. I would love to see AI II showcase his skills again.

9.     LeBron James - Even his haters would line-up to see him compete. The man-child can fly.

10. Blake Griffon - The 2011 Champ obviously needs to defend his crown. With a ton of highlight reel efforts so far this season, he could easily be a back-to-back champion.

That line-up could be sold on Pay-Per-View with 4 past champs and so many high-profile dunkers. Does anyone have Davis Stern's phone number?