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Too much Flack for Flacco?


 Talk about living under a microscope. Joe Flacco, the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens has been having it rather tough lately. Just yesterday Joe was relaxing at his home and decided to try a little skateboarding in his front driveway. Honestly that is a little iffy of a choice due to a chance of a freak accident, but still a man is entitled to make his own choices. Or is he?

A thoughtful neighbor, who apparently likes to keep Flacco under surveillance, called the Ravens to alert general manager Ozzie Newsome of the situation. With a trip to the Super Bowl on the line apparently it is everyone in Baltimore's solemn duty to help the team in whatever manner necessary.

How annoying must it be to be Joe Flacco this week? You get a ton of media attention all year about how you should play better at your position; a year in which your team just goes 12-4 and you win your division. Overall since entering the league you have fairly decent stats playing in every single game each year with a solid rating along with yards per game and TD/INT ratio. You have gone to the playoffs each year and while the term 'game manager' is tossed at you, seriously you seem like a very reliable average or slightly above average professional quarterback.

 Then your own teammate calls you out for looking scared. Now it is like everyone is trying to protect you from hurting the team. Sure, riding a skateboard is dangerous, so call it in. But where the hell were the fans when Joe grew that crazy porn-star like moustache? Seriously, that thing looks awful.

What is next? Can the man only eat soft foods to prevent choking? Is he banned from the strip club to avoid any baby oil slips while putting singles into g-strings? If that is the case should all of the Ravens be banned as well (or will that cause a dip in the local economy). Are the stalkers next door...err I mean neighbors, going to call Ozzie if he and his wife light candles and play some Marvin Gaye because they are worried he could pull a hammy? Where does the madness end?

The guy is facing enough pressure this week playing the Patriots on the road. The last thing he needs is to be babied around town or have a bunch of personal nanny fanatics watching his every move. It is just a football game! It is not that important; unlike the 49ers - Giants game which is the biggest game of the decade. Now if you will excuse me I have to get back to keeping an eye on Alex Smith. He might try to cross the street unassisted and I need to be there to protect him.