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Tony Robbins will Burn Away Your Laziness

Ever feel like you life needs some motivation? Maybe you just aren't getting what you need from those one-a-day calendars and need a little something more; like walking over hot coals and burning the crap out of your feet for example.

Well if that is the kind of life changing event that you are looking for, and you have an extra $600 to $2000 to spend, then you should sign yourself up for a Tony Robbins seminar!

That's right; people actually pay money to walk across coals that are heated from 1000 to 2000 degrees. Are you flipping kidding me? Recently a handful of attendees at a seminar in San Jose ended up with 2nd and 3rd degree burns after "Unleashing the Power Within."

Apparently walking across hot coals is all about facing your fears and accomplishing your goals. Or it is about soaking your feet in cold water for 20 minutes and then rushing across something you shouldn't be walking on and praying that they water on your skin doesn't evaporate too fast.

You know when I spend $2000 and end up with burns I would much rather have a story about my weekend at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada and proudly be showing off some rope burns after a threesome. But each to their own I guess.

Apparently some people think you can buy motivation and positive vibes from some Lurch looking dude with a Hollywood tan and nicely bleached teeth. If you are truly motivating people then why do they need to prove themselves by walking on fire? I guess after they have faced that pain and survived it is easier to get the suckers...err participants to shell out another $647 for the 'Total Commitment Package'.

In all honesty only about 2 dozen people got burned out of the 6000 people who attended. Also in all honesty Tony Robbins is one smart son of a bitch. He had 6000 people shell out (let's just use an average of the ticket prices) $900 per ticket to listen to his song and dance. That equals a hefty $5.4 million for 4 days work before you cover costs for materials, renting out the facility, coals, lighter fluid, and fire extinguishers. Holy Crap! If he even clears half of that for 4 days of telling people, "You can do it!" then I definitely chose the wrong career path out of high school.

How come our guidance counselor never told us about feeding the gullible what they want to hear as a career path?

But the real question is if he has actually reached over 4 million people with his motivational message like he claims, why aren't there 4 million super success stories instead of the handful he talks about? I guess like the people who accidently got burned, they just weren't focused enough.