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Tom Cruise - Mission Relevancy?

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to watch a move with Tom Cruise in it. A while back people couldn't get enough Tom Cruise. You had Top Gun, The Color of Money, Days of Thunder, and of course the original Mission Impossible. The man could do no wrong. Guys wanted to be like him, girls wanted to sleep with him, and he wasn't crazy. Or at least he didn't jump on couches regularly enough that you could tell.

So is Tom back with his brand spanking new Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol? I think he is. Is Tom Cruise any less whacko looking? Of course not. That 'Scientology' stink just doesn't wash off in the shower. He is branded for life with that crazy Oprah outburst. But it has been awhile and Tom has yet to do any repeat offender actions or pulled any Mel Gibson moments. So what is going on with Tom now? He still has a smoking hot wife in Katie Holmes who turned 33 over the weekend. Katie is the ultimate Girl Next Door - MILF combination so props to Tom for chaining her down. Oh and he also has a ridiculously awesome movie coming out just in time for the holidays.

Is it finally cool to like Tom Cruise again? Sadly the answer still is no but we can love his new movie. Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol just has blockbuster written all over it. During this last weekend it pulled in a modest $13 million. While that may not seem like a lot, the movie only played at 425 screens on a limited release compared to the normal 3500 screens a full release gets. Oddly enough crazy Tom the person makes this movie more watchable because the lead character is now a little off as well so it makes everything more believable. It's like the role was made for him! I think they call that typecasting in the movie biz.

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol has tons of sweet action, gadgets that are just crazy cool, some comic relief from Simon Pegg, and of course Paula Patton as the smoking hot female of the group. The plot has a good pace with enough twists to be interesting and the special effects are off the charts. Did I mention Paula Patton yet? Schwing! At first I was going to nominate Paula for Smoking Hottie of the Month but then I found out about Katie's birthday and I became conflicted. What would Tom do? Honestly, I cringe a bit thinking about the answer to that question. But what I would do is see the new Ghost Protocol movie because it is freaking awesome.