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Tom Brady is one Luck Son of A...

It used to be jealousy I felt towards Tom Brady. Then it turned to envy of the Golden Boy. But now, it is just respect for the man. Tom is one lucky son of a bitch.

Where to start? He is beloved in Boston. His career as an NFL quarterback sets him up as a Hall of Fame candidate to go with his Superbowl rings, NFL MVP awards and Superbowl MVP awards. Yeah, that is awards and rings plural. He makes pretty good money at about $18 million per year and is worth about $100 million. Plus the dude is good looking.

Then there is his wife....

This is where it all comes together for full respect. Tom bagged a supermodel and not just any supermodel, but a pretty famous one. The first few pictures in this gallery are from her recent Vogue shoot (thank you Vogue for taking those pictures and sharing them). At 31, Gisele looks like this after childbirth. Yup, Tom Brady has a hot ass MILF for a wife. Seriously, she looks that good after childbirth!

Many people might think that a supermodel approaching 30 would latch on to a famous athlete for the money; but not the case with Gisele. She is actually the sugar-momma in the relationship as she made about $45 million this year and has a net worth of about $250 million.

Seriously? Can Tom Brady get any luckier in life? Looks, fame, money, accolades for doing a great job at work, living the dream of playing in the NFL, and one of the hottest MILFs on the planet who brings how serious bank is almost too much to fathom. Plus Tom works with charity groups. All of that makes him almost impossible to hate.

Tom Brady...respect. You are the Bro of the Month.