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Time to Stir It Up on Match!

Online dating has never been more social and easy!

Or has it? When launched their new Stir Events quite a few of us were intrigued by the idea. Luckily our very own Ted is single and has a Match account. Can you say guinea pig? We sure could!

So we sent lucky Teddy off into cyberland to check out what is what with this whole stir-fry thing and report back with the 411 to share with our bro's! We even pitched in and gave him a little spending cash to by drinks for the girls. Here is what he said:

"Well really the idea is cool. It is a bit like where they have plenty of singles groups. The nicest thing here is that people are grouped by interests more than just random people wanting to go out on a Saturday night together. Now I don't think much of the 'algorithm' they bragged about. It's not like we took personality tests. But if some of the girls like half the stuff I do then it is cool enough.

My group pulled a happy hour meeting. Overall it was nice but awkward at first. It is kind of weird to walk into a situation knowing that the girls are all potential dates and the guys are possible cock-blockers. But after a few rounds of cocktails we all loosened up and then it was just like a nice time at the bar with a few bonuses. First, none of the girls were really bitchy because they wanted to have fun and knew they were expected to be polite. Second the girl-guy ratio was perfect!

Honestly I did pretty good and ended up with two girls' numbers at the end of the night which is way better than a normal night at the bar with any of you jackasses."

An excellent point Ted, we do tend to be jackasses on Kamikaze Thursday.

It is so far so good for the Stir based on Ted's feedback. They are starting slow at Match so don't get all bent out of shape if you don't live around a big metro area. Initially they did a soft release in only 10 markets but expect to expand soon enough. While online dating does offer some possibilities for meeting people, group settings are an even less pressure environment where you can just have fun and meet people.