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Time to get your Shackle On!

Have you seen the new Adidas sneakers by Jeremy Scott? They look sweet and are creating a huge controversy!

Did you miss them? Well too bad they never made it to market after Adidas just announced they were pulling the design because a few people complained they were racist. Because you know, shoes are totally racist. Sometimes I think people look for any excuse to complain and make a stink about a topic to ensure that it (racism) stays current when something in itself is completely harmless.

Looking at the picture of these sneakers you can see they were designed with a chain and shackle. It was made as a joke about people stealing high end sneakers all the time. After all, these bad boys would be selling for $350 a pop. The tag line was, "Tighten up your style with the JS Roundhouse Mids, dropping in August. Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles?"

Okay, obviously with that verbiage the market seems to be more upscale hood. But why does it always some people want to always try and relate shackles to slavery? You simply cannot just take shackles and brand them that is simply not fair. Shackles have a long and glorious history spanning back over the centuries. They have been used to oppress and lock down all sorts of people regardless of skin color. The Romans used them for prisoners of war and people being forced to fight in gladiator matches. The British liked to use them for locking up wives and heathens all over Europe but mostly in England. The Spanish had this thing they called the Inquisition where shackles were a very common dress accessory. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe those were all white on white related instances and happened hundreds of years before the U.S.'s slavery time.

Yet, somehow the shackle is obviously some sort of racist comment from designer Jeremy Scott. You know the same guy who made gold colored shoes with wings or light brown sneakers that looked like you just shoved your foot up a teddy bear's ass. Yeah, obviously this guy is all about the political and racial statements with his designs and not just trying to be cool and original with sneakers that are ridiculously overpriced. No way he draws his inspiration from classic cartoon themes or anything.

The shackle shoe was inspired by the 1980's toy My Pet Monster which was a stuffed purple and blue monster with plastic yellow shackles on its' wrists. In the long run the shoe coming out or getting shelved is of little importance. Perhaps those complainers can think they helped to stomp out racism and did their part. But to deny people the chance to wear those awesome kicks is the true crime around here.