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Tim Tebow and the Bachelor

Okay so the big non-news story about Tebow is how he isn't going to do the Bachelor. Apparently a producer or someone asked Tim at some point and he gave the proverbial Hollywood "Sure" or "That's sounds fun" answer that everyone does to be polite. But since the story picked up legs, Tebow actually had to have a statement that no, he was not going to do the Bachelor.

It makes total sense because Tim Tebow would be awful on that show. It would be like tying his feet together with 2 feet of rope and expecting him to throw the ball from the pocket each down; it would get ugly fast. Sure Tim has been linked to a bevy of hot babes. But the reality is that he is a perfect gentleman with a strong religious background who doesn't really drink or get crazy. There would be no drama! So in an effort to help the Bachelor, we here at Manwall made up a list of our top 10 guys we would like to see. They might not have the "Tebow" draw but all would be awesome.

Top 10 Guys for the Bachelor -

10. Common - Besides being good looking, Common is well spoken. From a popularity standpoint he is an accomplished actor and rapper who faded political controversy and works hard to make a difference. He would really test the girls to see who has brains versus fake tits.

 9. Jason Taylor - He just retired and has TV experience with Dancing with the Stars! With his looks, physical presence, and charisma the ladies would be in serious trouble. Plus guys might tune in to see how he does.

 8. Adam Rodqiguez - He is one of those guys from CSI Miami, the show many of us avoid due to the red-headed twerp. But Adam is 35, charming, and wholesome. That is perfect to mix into a dating show!

 7. Reggie Bush - How do you get over dating Kim Kardashian? With a trip to the Bachelor! Reggie is in prime shape, well known, and still has a bright future ahead of him; which is the perfect time for some reality drama!

 6. Apolo Ohno - First great name for easy punchline..."Oh no, he chooses Katy!" He is young, well known, and a world champion. What ladies don't like a guy with lots of gold (and a few silvers)?

 5. Usher - Why not? He is well known and one hell of a singer. All that charm and style would be great to see on TV and those ladies would be falling all over themselves to get a piece of him. Plus he is known for cheating now and again which adds spice!

 4. Matt LeBlanc - Joey has really fallen off the face of the planet lately, but he has enough star power to raise ratings. Plus I am sure tons of women want to know if the 'Joey' persona is really him or not. How you doing?

 3. Steve Jones - He is a Brit but still has good teeth, which makes him perfect for this show! With his accent alone the ladies will melt like butter. He has been hosting the X-factor but this ex-model can still turn heads.

 2. Jeremy Lin - No Tebow? No problem! Let's go one up that stuff with Jeremy Lin. You still get the Christian crowd along with the New York draw!

 1. Dane Cook - Oh it's almost too easy. The ladies love him anyway and is stand-up is pretty damn good. Think of what would happen if they let him go unfiltered during tapings!