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Thong Thursday


Dear readers, we present you with this gallery of hot ladies and their thongs. Why? Because it is Thursday. Obviously with Titty Tuesday already enacted we need Thong Thursday as well.

The thong (and hot ladies) is very special to many of us. We hold them close to our heart, or when wore by the right woman close to anything we can. So that is why we have a day such as this. Think of it as a promotion of the finer things in life such as a really great ass.

This is a testament to beauty! Hot ladies rejoice because here at Manwall we do appreciate all that you have to offer us, especially if you slip on a thong and pose for pictures.

So enjoy this gallery as much as you would like. Share it with your friends who aren't on Manwall yet (and of course ask them to sign-up, it's free after all). If you have more things we need to see then please make sure to post those as well.

Like the great poet, Sisqo, once said, "That thong th thong thong thong."