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Things to Do with Too Much Time

Some of these funny videos from YouTube got me thinking; what would I do with too much time on my hands? At first I was thinking the list would be small because the fix would be temporary and soon enough I would be back to my busy lifestyle. But what if.....

Well these crazy bastards have seemed to have found wonderful ways to solve the problem of too much time. All it takes is a camera, a few bucks for accessories, and some balls. So check out these crazy and funny videos of things you might try this weekend.


Trike Drifting (funny video)

World's Largest Rope Swing (funny videos)


Salt Snowboarding (funny videos)


Human Slingshot


If you do try any of these crazy stunts or anything else similar make sure to record it share the video with us here on Manwall! Party on on Garth...