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The Xbox Revolution!

Finally Microsoft's long range plans are coming to light! The Xbox is getting to the point of becoming what they had always envisioned and the execs at Microsoft are currently creaming in their suits because they are so excited.

Yes the initial goal was video games. A great gaming console is always going to have a market. But the big plans were making the X-Box into a household entertainment center. Now the Xbox Live service has been up and running well (after dealing with initial crashes during the video game online release period) you can get so much more than just playing games online.

Comcast has linked up their Xfinity on Demand service, HBO Go is available, Netflix, and are now all on the Xbox. Much like a computer, you can now stream shows along with listening to music and playing video games. This all-purpose functionality makes this the perfect electronic device to have in your living room to do it all.

There are 36 music, movie, and TV services available on Live now. With ESPN, UFC, and Hulu Plus this is basically a guy's wet dream.

So do you have an Xbox yet? If not you should really look into getting one. You might even compare the cost of running that massive cable set-up compared to just have a Live subscription to cover your TV, music, and gaming needs. Plus with baseball about to start you get access to 2400 games and can watch 2 at a time from That is pretty damn sweet!

You can still find a nice deal on the Xbox 360 with a massive 250GB hard drive and the Kinect system for under $400 bucks and that includes a couple games; a great way to spend a tax refund, at least in my opinion.