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The World of Candice Swanepoel


There are girls who have sexy photos taken of them and then there are girls like Candice Swanepoel that allow sexy photos to be taken of them. This South African beauty is a member of the latter group. This gorgeous woman has been tearing up the modeling circuit for years and we at Manwall could not be happier about that fact.

She has done sexy photos for everyone from Nike to GQ with pictorials in Vogue, Chanel, and of course Victoria's Secret. The only real knock on the poor girl is that she has been dating the same guy since she was 17 (she is 23 now). Otherwise the blonde haired, blue-eyed bombshell is rocking in the free world harder than Bruce Springsteen in the 80's.

With an amazing body on her 5 foot 9 inch frame she is IN DEMAND to the tune of making over $3 million dollars over the last two years. "Hello, I get paid huge sums of money to look hot and cause massive erections to boys looking at the VS catalogue."

So what do we think of Miss Swankpole and her sexy photos? She rates extremely high on the 'schwing' scale and easily made the top 10 of our Sexiest Women of the Year pole. Now all she is really missing is some nice B-Movie exposure. One can always hope, right?

In the meantime we shall present a gallery of our own compiled of some of the favorite sexy photos of the one and only Candice Swanepoel.