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The Top 10 Most Hated People in the World

Being the most hated person in the world used to be an extremely contested list. Everyone wanted to be that top dog, or that special sort of asshole that made everyone cringe. For years Kim Jong II battled with Osama Bin Laden for the top spot while others such as Muammar Gaddafi were pushed to 3rd no matter how many people he killed.

But it's a new year! The list has to be recompiled because so many top contenders have been removed from the running (in some cases with extreme prejudice). So we undertook the annual fact finding mission with complete zealous to figure out who are the new top 10 and why. Just remember, haters gonna hate!

Top 10 Most Hated

10. Mel Gibson - A rather surprising entry considering some of his positive movie followers' affections, but the Jewish community has spoken as well as other groups who seem to not enjoy his rants (such as women). Gibby has lost all of that Riggs love.

 9. Kim Kardashian - Her IMBD entry says it all...or at least the hacked version, "Kim Kardashian is emblematic of all the shallowness of American culture in the first two decades of the new millennium." Apparently doing anything for a buck tends to draw ire from...well everyone. Yes she has a nice ass and a great rack, but being a soulless money grubber outweighs that.

 8. Rush Limbaugh - Ah the controversial radio host and political (or social) pundit finally cracks the Top 10! It took a lot of work for him this year to make the cut. No wait, actually all he had to do was rip on a single woman about her sexual activity and suddenly he was dropping sponsors faster than Nadya Suleman was dropping out babies. The conservatives still love him but everyone else....meh.

 7. Jerry Sandusky - Ahh the life of a pedophile (allegedly). I need to be careful here to make sure there are no slander charges, but I will go out on a limb and assume Jerry is not going to have a gentle time in prison as some of the inmates help him 'recreate' some of things that are being said about him. But this time he will be catching rather than pitching if you know what I mean.

 6. Thein Sein - Remember that quaint little country called Burma? If you saw the most recent Rambo movie then you might get an inkling about daily life there without a guy like Stallone to save you. Thein has been ruling with an iron fist since the 60's and has lead the country to complete ruin with an estimated 55 million people living in starvation when they aren't being raped and murdered by authorities.

 5. Bashar al-Assad - The Bastard of Syria is a real piece of work. He gets lots of negative press (with good reason) for killing some 3,500 demonstrators and jailing a ton of people as well. Pretty much everyone in Europe dislikes this guy.

 4. Bernie Madoff - Surprisingly there is still quite a lot of hate and rage leftover for the Madoff-man. I guess when you rip off the retirement funds of thousands of people and almost bankrupt the Mets you might have pissed off a few people here and there. You steal $65 billion dollars and don't have an escape plan set up? Poor planning Bernie.

 3. Casey Anthony - Something about murdering your child seems to draw the ire of other people (acquitted). Did she do it? Probably. Too bad because she is kinda hot but that whole black widow thing would be a bit worrisome.

 2. Omar Al-Bashir - What, did you think this whole list was going to be local US douche bags? Nope, we go global with this selection of the dictator of Sudan who has killed over 300,000 people in Darfur and the surrounding area. On the side he has been embezzling billions of dollars. Jerk.

 1. Satan - Yeah after year we get the write-in an absentee votes and this guy always manages to make the list. Sure, maybe you don't hear much about him in the regular news but we think he is more of a behind the scenes type of know...that whole 'Devil on your Shoulder' aspect. Now if he always manifested looking like Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled then nobody would really mind.